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The Ministry of Forestry and Research under Government policy directives and strategy having high consideration and concern of the rapid exploitation of the timber extraction, redirects focus and priority into development programs enhancing sustainability. Though progress and pace on the ground seems slow moving, huge potential areas have been identified and incorporated into the corporate plan and development plans to fully addressed and implemented. These development programs and strategies aims to sustain the beneficial aspect of the forest to the economy, environment and the livelihood of many Solomon Islanders and resource owners and custodian of the forest. This can be fully achieve and accomplish through the process of Stakeholder Engagement and Forest Integration Management Approach.
The Ministry of Forestry and Research identified and undertake the four main development areas as follows. Sustainable plantation development strategy Sustainable forest utilization and downstream processing strategy Forest conservation integration management strategy Institutional strengthening and capacity building strategy Having adopted the above development strategic programs, the Ministry have structured itself to accommodate and implement the functions and activities under these strategic focus areas. Hence, as of 2009 and 2010, undertook a major restructuring exercise and structured into five main technical divisions.
In the National Forest Integration Management approach, the reliance and dependancy to round log export as the main development undertaking addressed and dealt with. The focus is shifted to value added products, non timber products and environment conservation and management. This is more appropriate to rural forest owners and have huge potentials to benefit all stakeholders. Its is the new direction of the Forestry Sector in the Solomon Islands.

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Welcome to Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry and Research.
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