Welkam! It is my pleasure as Minister for Ministry of Forestry and Research in welcoming you to our website.
We, the Ministry of Forestry and Research are stewards with responsibility to manage and help sustain the beneficial aspects of the forest to the economy, environment and the livelihood of many Solomon Islanders, resource owners and custodians of the forest.
With one mission, to utilize, conserve and manage forest resources for the continuing benefit of the environment and the people of Solomon Islands.
Here, we provide an equal avenue to reaching out to you all. To inform, educate and disseminate rightful available data, figures and updated news. Aiming at enhancing your access to the much-needed information about the Ministry and its ongoing activities.
To help guide officials from key partner stakeholders and institutions, forest industries, the forest society and the public, providing a clear framework and process for accessing and
disseminating rightful information’s from the forest sector.
The Ministry of Forestry and Research remains the mandated agency under the Solomon Islands Government to overseeing the facilitation, and promotion of better management of the country’s forest resources.
And the utilization of the forest resources for sustainable benefit to the resource owners, stakeholders and the Solomon Islands Government.
It stands as a driving catalyst to promote the applications of sustainability in a holistic approach with emphasis to enable greater participation of all forest stakeholders.
Making sure standards for commercial logging, reforestation and other related activities are upheld, and allows for the development of supportive and enabling legislations to implement
and enhance enforcement measures on key strategic areas.
I hope that you will find this website useful in your search for information on the forestry sector in Solomon Islands and what it has to offer.
It is indeed my pleasure, having you here.
Tagio Tumas

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Welcome to Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry and Research.
Foresty, Lengakiki,
PO Box G24,
Honiara, Solomon Islands



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