Forest Research Division

The Purpose of Forest Research Division are:

  1. Establish a Research Division and its functions relating to research and development in the forest and forestry sector.
  2. Identify and establish potential areas and plans on research undertakings that is geared toward further developing the forestry sector.
  3. Research and report on forest plantation development.
  4. Research and report on biodiversity and conservation.
  5. Research and report on community forestry (Livelihood/Non-Timber Forest Products).
  6. Research and report on natural forest management and indigenous silviculture practices of endemic species.
  7. Research and report on forest health and protection.
  8. Research and report on marketing timber & NTFP.
  9. Research and report on forest nutrient science.
  10. Research and report on wood technology.
  11. Research and report on wood stock and biomass.

Contact Info

Welcome to Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry and Research.
Foresty, Lengakiki,
PO Box G24,
Honiara, Solomon Islands



Australia 23.6% Australia
Solomon Islands 21.4% Solomon Islands
Unknown 20.7% Unknown
United States of America 15.0% United States of America
China 7.1% China
Japan 3.6% Japan
Papua New Guinea 2.1% Papua New Guinea



Today: 2
Yesterday: 2
This Week: 17
Last Week: 11
This Month: 54
Last Month: 86
This Year: 140
Total: 140
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